a bit about me:

My name is Amit Rechavi. I am a network researcher.

welcome to my website.


The combination of human behavior and changing technologies is a fascinating field of research. The huge amount of available data and the various possibilities to exploit these issues challenges me with new technical and social questions arising almost every week.


The combination of networks, social science and technology reflect where my current research interest lies. 


I hold a Ph.D. degree (The Graduate School of Management University of Haifa, Israel) and my dissertation “Concealed Networks: Explicit and Implicit Networks in Q&A Online Sites” uses network science to model social networks’ growth and decay.  The faculty sponsor of my dissertation was Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli and you should visit his website....


My research deals with social network analysisdigital humanities, culturally-oriented online behavior, data mining and human-computer interaction. 

You can find more details here 


Nowadays I teach technology-related issues in the Ruppin Academic Center.


Besides I am an Ultimate Player, a Drummer, I love music and love Sharone (my wife) and have three lovely daughters : Nitzan, Naama and Aviv.


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